Send your bank statement to embassies

mybankStatement® is a one page ticket generated by your bank to replace traditional paper based bank statements that are normally submitted in visa applications. It contains a unique ticket number and passcode that can be used by Embassies to efficiently verify your account holdings are genuine.

Sample Ticket - Canada.png

For Canadian Visa Applications - You must submit the mybankStatement® by either printing it for submission along with your paper visa application or upload the mybankStatement® soft copy as part of the eApp (online visa application).

You can either use your online banking account to self generate the mybankStatement® or go to your bank branch to get it printed at the counter by the bank's customer service.

You must print out the attached mybankStatement® from your email or request for a print-out at your bank and then submit it along with your application documents.

If you do not receive the mybankStatement®, contact your bank's customer service or contact us via email for assistance. This is a sample of a mybankStatement®

Available Banks

You can access mybankStatement® using the channels below

Frequently Asked Questions

No. You may ask your bank to send you a seperate copy.

The mybankStatement® you receive from your bank is the evidence that your statement has been delivered.

The embassy will access your bank statement on our portal when the mybankStatement® is submitted as part of your application.

The mybankStatement® completely replaces traditional bank certificates and account statements.

Yes. You can state the name of the applicant(s) while sending your statement and state your role as the sponsor. Also do this if you are applying for yourself and also sponsoring others with the same bank statement. Then give them the mybankStatement® for submission or upload at the Visa Application Center or portal.

The fee is automatically debited from your bank account for most banks.
For banks with an asterix you will need to make a payment on and then take the payment reference on the receipt to your bank before accessing the service.

Yes. Visit your bank branch or utilize your bank's internet banking or mobile banking solutions for this, in some cases you may need to select a naira account for the charges. Ensure you collect and submit your mybankStatement® at the Visa Application Center or portal.

Yes. Your bank will send you an email once the statement is sent successfully and you will be able to download the mybankStatement® in your email.
If you do not receive the mybankStatement® as an attachment, contact your bank's customer service or contact us via email for assistance.

Ensure that you submit your mybankStatement® to the embassy as part of your application. If you apply through the Visa Application Center / portal using a paper based application you will submit a paper copy, if you apply online you will upload it to your application as a PDF file.


No need to print bulky statements


Generate and send your statement within a minute, from anywhere, and at anytime.


No more time wasting on long queues at the bank branches.


Authenticity of bank statements - eradicate bank statement forgery in the visa process.


Sponsors can stop disclosing bank transaction details to applicants.

Reduced Printing

Reduce your environmental footprint.

Multiple Statements

Easily include multiple account statements to improve your application.